Refurbishment ot the staircase

A basic idea for refurbishing the staircase in the 1960 built house was to reinstate the characteristics of the individual elements and introducing new attributes by means of contrast.

Project description

The wall in the staircase is the main theme with ocher-beige horizontal stripes has an unmistakable character. Lights with the appropropriate form, size and location are integrated in the wall structure. The establishment period is demonstrated through the use of original color tones on the doors, handrails and by retaining the limestone paving. A letterbox and signage system compliment the functions that are necessary for a modern office building.

Project data

Bayerische Versorgungskammer

plan-stelle, stieglmeier architekten
Assistance: Manfred Stieglmeier, Melanie Jobst

Residenzstraße 18, 80333 München

Floor space (DIN 277): 228 m2
Finalization: 01/2006

Manfred Stieglmeier, Stieglmeier Architekten

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