Appartment house

The orthogonal building form, based on grid system, allows it to merge architecturally with the existing neighbouring buildings.

Project description

A reinforced-concrete/steel building construction method was selected. Cement render, glass and steel along with other costeffective styles whilst adhering to budget constraints. The building offers a choice of two different apartment types (1 1/2 room and 3 room), which were designed to meet the needs of company´s employees. 8 Apartments.

Project data

Peroxid Chemie GmbH

plan-stelle, stieglmeier architekten
Assistance: Manfred Stieglmeier, Armin Leibelt, Jürgen Homner, Ulli Bucher

Wolfratshauserstr. 154a, 82049 Pullach i. Isartal

Floor space (DIN 277): 550 m2
Finalization: 12/2001

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