Introstation Bavaria Filmtour

Prior to beginning a tour of the Bavaria Film Studios, the visitor is enlightened as to what the tour entails.

Project description

The ellipse floor plan of the "meeting and greeting" pavilion was designed to create a strong impact, distinguishing it from its homogenous surroundings. A train transports one around the site so the pavilion incorporates a "station platform" as well as an introduction area to the studios, where a short film is shown. Materials such as zinc finished steel, timber Kerto roofing panels, corrugated metal wall cladding, oversized concrete floor tiles along with full height timber shutters for protection against the weather( in particular the sun), reflect those used in the adjacent set designs. The pavilion is a demountable, with the intention that it can be removed from its present site and relocated at a later date. The wide entry and spacious central area provide for a welcoming starting point for the tour.

Project data

Bavaria Film GmbH

plan-stelle, stieglmeier architekten
Assistance: Manfred Stieglmeier, Armin Leibelt, Ulli Bucher

Bavariafilmplatz 7, 82031 Geiselgasteig

Floor space (DIN 277): 125 m2
Finalization: 08/2001

Manfred Stieglmeier, Stieglmeier Architekten

Mayr + Ludescher, München

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