Town Center Brunnthal

The traditional inn as an icon at the site is in both concepts not available for demolition because of its local roots with the place and the history.

Project description

Without this building a new development would be arbitrary and interchangeable. For this reason, the building should be renovated and returned to its original size and function. To achieve modern standards of gastronomy, differentiated space should be available on both floors, as well as expanded the attic for residential purposes. The main entrance is placed on the front side to the southwest to a small square with a fountain, which marks the transition from the town hall to the courtyard.

The Court as the village center and protective range against the traffic is also a component of both concepts. Its development with the surrounding space works via the connection to a small forecourt in direction to the town hall. He represents, similar as the inn, a identity-place. Timber as a renewable resource is proposed as material for the new building and for the facade of the rebuilt existing building.

Project data

Gemeinde Brunnthal

plan-stelle, stieglmeier architekten
Assistance: Manfred Stieglmeier, Olga Laubender, Fabia Stieglmeier, Helena Nothofer


BGF Gasthaus und Saal (DIN 277): 1.230 m2
BGF Neubau (DIN 277): 1.540 m2


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